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January 8th, 2008

03:23 pm
86% Chris Dodd
85% Dennis Kucinich
85% Barack Obama
82% John Edwards
81% Mike Gravel
81% Joe Biden
81% Hillary Clinton
80% Bill Richardson
40% Rudy Giuliani
31% John McCain
25% Mike Huckabee
24% Mitt Romney
23% Ron Paul
15% Tom Tancredo
14% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

and now that dodd is out of the race, i think this is pretty accurate.

oh, and i will lay the smackdown on huckabee if i ever see him. and yahoo that ron paul is at the bottom of the list!

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December 27th, 2007

07:55 pm - ok, then
i realize i rarely, if ever, post any longer. what do i have to say that isn't the same old? perhaps i should do it more often, just so i write something that doesn't include fabric content, washing instructions, and the phrase "domestic and/or imported." (i mean it: go to marciano.com and read what i do all day. it would make anyone want to avoid a keyboard after their shift was over. also, ignore the typos. the program doesn't have spellcheck.)

for the second time in less than a month, my department director blamed me for something i had no control over/knowledge of. the first? after our christmas lunch (which she made me coordinate), my co-workers threw out food (that i did not bring) into the garbage can in the conference room (that i did not decide to have to have the luncheon in). someone held a meeting in the conference room after our lunch, and declared that the smell was "disgusting." (note: i threw away all of my own food in my own garbage can, located in an office adjacent to the conference room.) my boss, hearing the hubub, ran up to me and, in front of my coworkers, demanded that i clean up the conference room. later, she declared that all of this was my fault because i had not "booked the conference room properly in outlook."

i don't understand how the VP of store operations getting grossed out by garbage and the smell of swedish meatballs has ANYTHING to do with my veggie plate and inability to use microsoft outlook.

and then, there was today.

our web programmer, acting under the direction of my boss, programmed all items that are in stock in our warehouse that are marked on sale to go live on christmas. (he is not scheduled to be in this week.) unfortunately, he misunderstood, and programmed articles of clothing that are on promo to go live on marciano.com-- a big no-no. when my boss discovered this, she asked me (the only person in the office on the 26th with knowledge to do so) to take down every single style manually-- a process that would take about 2 hours. in order to hurry the process along, she asked to be taught how to do so. i gave her the date code to use, and at the next site referesh, all the sale items came down.

she then spent the rest of the day, formulating emails to various departments in the company, explaining how any sale items live on marciano.com were up at the fault of the web programmer, and that she could not be held at fault.

today, the items came back on the web.

unbeknownst to me, the head merchandiser had told the programmer that the code we used to take everything off the website was actually now a code used to put things back UP on the website. i was never told this, however, my boss was cc'd on the email. when my boss learned that the code was used in error, she stood in the middle of the office and declared, "well, i just did what EMILY told me to do!" and continued to further despair that i was, essentially, an idiot that paid no attention to the rest of the office.

i turned, and through gritted teeth, said, "don't even attempt to blame this on me."

i don't think she heard me.

if she does that one more time, i WILL confront her, and angrily so. she has no right to blame me for unforseeable mishaps and other people's miscommunications and mistakes. i'm perfectly comfortable with being yelled at-- if i make a genuine mistake. however, neither of these instances are, in any way, my issue. in fact, i beg to wonder-- why did this woman allow all merchandisers to request off the day after christmas? is not that utterly irresponsible? especially when my boss is (improperly, i might add) orchestrating a massive sale?

she is just very lucky she had a copywriter who was formerly a merchandiser. who knows the ropes of the computer program we use, as well as several other workings for the site, like the back of her hand. that is, if this copywriter was granted access to all information that is needed to work the program properly.

the sad thing is, i'm not even sure how to go about looking for another job. i really, honestly feel as though i need a month to completely recouperate and get my head screwed on straight. then i could possibly BEGIN to look for new employment. i'm not passionate about anything, and i constantly feel dejected. i have no concept of whether or not i reflect to be a capable communicator, or if i even appear literate to people who haven't known me for half a decade. (frightening to realize you've known your college friends for half a decade already, no?) i feel as though i don't have enough passion to work for a nonprofit, enough grace to work for a magazine, or enough tenacity to really do anything, except curl up into a ball and hibernate for the better part of the winter.

i also have the urge to take better control of what i can-- the food i eat, the energy i use, and my level of fitness. now, all ten of my fingers, both my wrists and elbows, one ankle and my neck crack when i move them. often, my shoulders and knees add to the symphony. i'm worried about my health, and am frightened that the stress of simply going to a job where i am under apreciated is actually a deterrent to proper bodily function. i'm much to depressed after work to head to a gym, and much too interested in my life with spencer to go to bed at 8 pm, to wake up at four to head to the gym before work. it is even too harrowing for me to go to whole foods on a saturday morning to shop. i would live off of ramen noodles if i could, because those are purchaseable from the 7-11 just down the street.

nothing makes me more miserable than being outside in LA. as i see grown men race from their cars to the grocery store in ski parkas (it's about 60 degrees everyday), i want to weep. i feel as though this city rewards schoolyard bullies-- the tortursome, chubby 13 year olds who grew up to have complexes, and therefore became agents and publicists. and everyone in this town is afraid of the benign and embrace the malignant.

and yet, i embrace rest, sanity, and responsibility.
Current Mood: sad

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November 13th, 2007

02:32 pm - i am really bored.
so, its holiday season. yay!! but, its holiday season. booo.

there should be a lot of work for me to do here. but there isn't. nothing that i can't put off until the last minute. so that is ok. i've been doing nothing but getting into a debate about misogynist literature on jezebel. reading facebook. writing this.

jezebel took up a lot of my time.

i'm happy thanksgiving is sneaking up. i like throwing parties. but i got super sad this weekend because it snowed in connecticut and i realized i wasn't going to see any snow AT ALL this winter.

i don't understand why you would want to live in this climate for any extended period of time. it was in the 60s all last week, and people were complaining it was cold. it was in the 80s today, and they're complaining its hot. fuck you.

though, i've been in the interview process for getting a new job, and it looks really promising. i would be the "social media coordinator" for totalbeauty.com. basically, i would deal with bloggers. sounds like a decent gig.

and it wouldn't be this.

that being said, if you know any WLP kids in LA who need a time-being job, let them know that guess needs freelance copywriters. and tell them to email me. the work is boring, but pays well.

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November 2nd, 2007

06:41 pm - i may have found a new gay!
halloween was good. the day after halloween was better, because i used my last sick day. and no one gave me shit about it, either. good times.

ran back in to ari, who may be my new gay. we'll have to wait and see.

gotta get spence back into making music. i miss dating a boy in a band.

gotta find a hobby. a non-fattening hobby. silly baking.

i've been wearing heels. its been interesting. eff it, i'm tall.

own your crazy. and your quirks.

don't have much more to update. just felt like rambling.

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October 17th, 2007

06:33 pm - freedom of information??
so, poling around of the huffington post, fundrace2008. typed in jackie liebergott.

$2k for joe biden.


at least she's not a republican.

debating whether or not to put this on the emerson blog.

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October 7th, 2007

08:00 pm - i want...
to get my MA in fashion history from the london college of fashion.

so there.

is it going to happen? i'll probably end up at parson's first.


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October 3rd, 2007

03:42 pm - i GIVE THE FUCK UP

i worked JUST as hard as everyone else. i worked my ass off. i really did. sorry i had to have a job in order to survive living in boston, to eat, to clothe myself in a respectable manner. to have my own apartment. and to be less than 100K in debt before i was 21. i'm sorry my parents didn't sacrifice everything they had in order to send me to an overpriced college. whatever. i didn't want them to sell their home or cars or take out loans on my behalf. i'm sorry i couldn't have unpaid internships the ENTIRE FUCKING TIME i was getting my degree. i'm sorry i'm not wealthy and i'm sorry that my parents didn't live vicariously through me.

but for christ's sake-- why can't i get a job that i actually like?

how the FUCK am i supposed to get experience if you won't hire me? i'm MORE than fucking capable to do anything you ask me to do for a magazine. i give up. i just really honestly give up.

i want to cut myself off from everyone, EVERYONE who has a job that they like. because i worked JUST has hard as them and I HATE IT that everyone is working in their desired field and i'm just hocking skanky tank tops. i'll never be more than a sales girl.

and dont give me any, "oh, we know you're so talented," pity notes. fuck it. i give up.

i'm moving to new york. i can't wait.

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October 1st, 2007

07:37 pm - i think i'm hallucenating
ever since i was in connecticut, i think i'm imagining the smell of fireplaces.

its the best smell in the entire world.

i'm totally homesick.

i wish i had a fireplace. a real one, not one of the ones that's controlled by a light switch.

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September 25th, 2007

08:15 am - dc
sitting in the dc airport waiting for my flight to Hartford. Its Dulles, so there's nothing to look at. I smell something that reminds me of the Bronx zoo monkey house, I hope its not me. The gift shop here sells "1.20.09-- bush's last day in office" tees. They even hate him that much here ? Awesome.
Current Mood: cranky

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August 31st, 2007

02:19 pm
here's the thing about being a writer:

its not that i'm a great writer by any means. i probably won't get much further in my writing career than doing what i do now. i'm sort of okay with that. i'm not brilliant and i don't have the means by which i could spend my days devoting myself to the craft and honing skills. i never have had those means, not even while studying "writing" in school. i'm a workaholic. even at jobs i don't care for.

but the problem with me is that i have been trained, from a very young age, to watch people. closely, intimately. i notice every tick of the throngs of people around me. its weird. but to take that compulsion one more step, i hate going out into public because i assume everyone is doing the same of me.

i am terrified of going to the gym, hauling ass on the treadmill, and having someone notice how my muffin top jiggles slightly over the waistband of my shorts. i'm terrified of going to the grocery store, and having someone notice how many times i sniffle, or if i had to open three doors in the fridge section to gain access to a frozen pizza. i never want a bartender to think i drank a drink too quickly.

i know i'm being crazy, and most people think that this is more out of being self-centered than anything else, but i swear, it isn't. i wish i could go to a party and do something other than watch from against a wall...

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